• First time at Exotic Body today & couldn’t be happier with my experience! Everyone was super welcoming and funny from the minute I walked in. The shop is super clean, and they have a huge variety of great quality jewelry. Mike did my piercings and he is awesome! He had my friend and I cracking up the whole time, and made the whole process a lot less nerve wrecking. He definitely knows what he is doing, and I’m extremely happy with the way my piercings turned out! I feel so much better about coming to Exotic Body for my piercings than I did at other places when I have gotten other piercings, and I definitely will only be coming here from now on! Exotic Body is the bomb, and I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants a happy, comfortable experience!

    Lindsay S
  • I’ve been to exotic body on several occasions and believe that Mike Hare (aka HMFIC) deserves a full recommendation for any and all body piercing needs. Mike goes out of his way to make each client feel comfortable and not only has a great eye for piercings, but has the experience to back up his suggestions and feedback. Following my most recent visit, he made a point to call and check in on my after care several times. In addition to Mike, the rest of the staff are just as personable and professional (Dominique, Jasmine, etc). Prices are fair and the selection of jewelry and piercing options is impressive. Word to the wise: the Black Friday deals are amazing and worth the trek out into the madness of the day. I don’t get piercings often, but when I do, Mike’s the man I see.

    Mike S
  • Pablo is the most amazing piercer I’ve ever been to. I originally just went in for my septum which he did an awesome job of and was super informative about everything and gave great cleaning tips. I came back a week later to have him gauge my ears, again awesome, and I had to go back once to get my septum put back in because it fell out (which he gladly did free of charge). I don’t think I’ll ever go to another piercer after this place. On top of everything they have a great jewelry selection. It can be a little pricey but it is amazing quality so you get what you pay for. Already thinking of what to pierce next!

  • The Exotic Body is my absolute favorite piercing shop I’ve ever been to, and I’ll never go to another location to get pierced or buy new jewelry. Mike is professional and charismatic, and I trust his advice in placement, jewelry style, and aftercare for the piercings he and his associates offer. He advised me how to take care of my nostril piercing scar; he removed the cheap jewelry I had in my infected cartilage piercing to replace it with a proper captive bead ring; he suggested the multi-gem labret piece for a new cartilage piercing that I love to pieces; AND he was generous enough to accept the tip that I forgot to give him for the session he had with me, even a week after I went in! I’m so, so, so satisfied with the work he’s done with me and how well he took care of me, and I’m eager to return to get my nostril repierced sometime soon. Jasmine pierced my septum, and she did a wonderful job. It’s almost perfectly healed, as it was straight going in and hasn’t acted up in any way. She’s informative, professional, and takes great care with her work, which helped alleviate my nerves about getting my septum done. She also gave me advice regarding my scarred nostril piercing, and I hope that when I return, I can have her take care of repiercing it in a better location for me. All in all, The Exotic is a great place to go for body piercing and a ridiculously expansive jewelry selection, and I wouldn’t trust any other location for my body modifications. The prices are just right, the jewelry is high quality, the sessions are quick and professional, and the hours can’t be beat.

  • I came in for their Black Friday Deal. Since I just moved here, why not try out a piercing shop you already suspected would be good, on black friday. I wanted to get a triple forward helix, and sat down with the lovely Mike Hare. Ronny M. Mike talked me out of getting a triple forward helix, and instead I ended up with a single forward helix. (A single forward helix would be much easier to heal. And I can always come back for another once this heals.) Mike set me up with an Industrial Strength purple and clear Prium. I love it so much! Mike made me feel completely comfortable and even explained that he was autoclaving the tools and doing the set up. I knew I was in great hands. ^^ On my way out, I asked how many times a day I should take care of it. Mike told me 3-4 times a day, and gave me an aftercare and pamphlet free aftercare solution. (Spray saline) And informed me he’d see me in three weeks to change out the larger barbell he pierced me with to accommodate swelling, for a smaller barbell. (About $20) Also to avoid ear sucking, to which I laughed. But this also is for anyone with pets, as pets my try licking new piercings. I know how to take care of piercings, but always ask your piercer how many times a day to clean it, or any tips for that specific piercing. I’ll have to pick up some more jewelry when I get my shorter post at my three week check up. I wouldn’t go anywhere else for my piercings in the area. The Exotic Body uses Industrial Strength jewelry, so it’s implant grade titanium, which does wonders for body jewelry. (Yes implant grade metals are more expensive, but they’re better for you. Implant grade makes a difference in your healing.) I’ll be sure to check their other high end jewelry like their stones, and organics.

  • By far the best shop ever! I had pierced my naval twice before doing some research and coming here. My body rejected my naval piercings twice and I discovered I may possibly be allergic to stainless steel as the only other piercings I have is my ears and I have always been pierced with gold or silver and never steel except my naval. I decided to come here since they have good reviews and I asked Mike who was going to pierce me for titanium jewelery. He of course asked why I want titanium and I explained I have been to other places to pierce my naval with stainless steel and they both rejected. He took a look at my naval and said it appears my previous piercers didn’t know what they were doing and didn’t pierce me deep enough to allow for healing and my previous jewelery was externally threaded which caused irritation. “The Exotic Body” uses internally threaded jewelery only which doesnt cause any irritation when you are intially pierced. At first none of it made sense to me but a year later my piercing is healthy, healed properly, and has not rejected! I am beyond happy that I finally found a place that knows what they’re talking about and know what there doing! It was worth every penny! I absolutely love this place! I wish everyone could know how great this place is and I will continue to refer my friends and anyone looking for a piercing. I have a few tattoos as well but haven’t came here for any yet but I am sure they are just as great at tattooing as they are with piercing! Please don’t let pricing affect where you go, trust me you would rather pay a lot and get it right the first time than go some where cheaper and have to continue to redo it over and over.

  • I went in yesterday afternoon and the place was very clean and the front counter lady greeted me with such happiness and enthusiast that it made me the same as well. I did a walk in and had to wait a good 4-5 minutes since the piercer was with another client, which was totally okay with me. I didn’t have a problem waiting at all. It’s my first time going to a legit piercing shop I got my septum pierced by Pablo today and he did an amazing job. I asked him if I could downsize the retainer to a 16 gauge instead of 14 since I wanted to be able to hide it from work but he informed me that it’s really hard finding the right jewelry for that size so I kept it as a 14. Pablo did a really quick job and is funny as well. I had a blast with the little about of time I was there. Thanks for holding my hand as well Christa. You guys rock