The Exotic Body Tattoo and Piercing is located in Sacramento, California and is one of Sacramento’s premiere studios. We’ve worked, very hard, to provide Sacramento with a unique alternative to the other shops in town. All of the artists who work out of The Exotic Body are well known in Sacramento and they represent the best that our industry has to offer- check out their portfolios and bios!

We have a large selection of the highest quality, internally threaded, jewelry available! If we don’t have what you want, we’ll order it- special orders are our specialty. We don’t sell any ‘cheap’ jewelry, yet we have some of the LOWEST prices in Sacramento! Call or come by to compare our prices. We may not be the ‘cheapest’ in town, but when it comes to top-of-the-line jewelry we have some of the most reasonable prices.

If you’re shopping around for body jewelry, you’re going to find a lot of difference in the pricing- ‘cheap’ and not-so-cheap. Here are some of the reasons why:

The BEST jewelry is internally threaded jewelry- the threading, to connect the ‘ball’ to the ‘post’, is actually attached to the ball and NOT to the post- and it’s far more expensive to produce. Why is it better? Because it causes less trauma to your piercing when it’s inserted! Fewer traumas means you’re piercing(s) may heal more quickly. Think of it like this: After you’ve gotten the actual piercing(s), do you really want to have something with a serrated edge to be inserted through the fresh hole(s)? Probably not.

The manufacturing of internally threaded jewelry is much more difficult, requires more expertise and is more costly- this means that the companies who use this method are more concerned with quality than with profits. Internally threaded jewelry, because of better manufacturing, usually lasts longer- so you save money, in the long run.

All of our steel jewelry is implant-grade surgical steel (316LVM or higher!). This is important! Using inferior quality jewelry can cause your piercing to ‘reject’ (the jewelry) and/or get infected! Do you really want a piece of jewelry in your piercing that ISN’T implant-grade? Especially while it’s healing? Probably not. Ask your piercer if the jewelry is implant-grade; if it’s not, or they don’t know, you should think long, and hard, about buying it for an initial piercing. If you’re considering using Gold jewelry, for an initial piercing, click here. If you are considering using Titanium, for an initial piercing, click here.

Everyone price-shops, but be informed! Saving $5-$10 and getting low-quality jewelry just isn’t a ‘good deal.’

We want to make sure that YOU, our client, get’s the BEST piercing you can get, so we don’t offer ‘cheap’ jewelry. We DO offer THE BEST MOST REASONABLE PRICES ON INTERNALLY THREADED JEWELRY IN SACRAMENTO!

If we don’t have what you need/want in stock, we’ll order it for you! Special orders are quick and easy in most cases and we can even have custom jewelry made for you! Practically, the only limit to what we can get may be your own imagination.