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Your piercing was performed professionally and appropriately. Follow these simple suggestions and your healing period should go smoothly. Although not physicians, The Exotic Body piercers are available whenever you should have questions about aftercare. Please call us anytime!

A normal Piercing…
May be tender, itchy or bruised for a few weeks. May bleed a little for the first few days. May secrete a whitish-yellow fluid which may crust on the jewelry. THIS IS NOT PUS! Mat tighten around the jewelry as it heals, making turning when dry somewhat difficult.

How Should I Clean My Piercing?
Your new piercing should be washed daily one or two times in the shower with a mild soap. We recommend Dr. Bronner’s castile soap, which comes in a variety of formulas and is available for purchase at www.exoticbody.com. After using your normal body products in the shower, apply a small amount of soap to your finger and gently wash the area around and up to the piercing wound. If the jewelry has any “crusties” or discharge, also clean the jewelry with the soap as well. Then rinse WELL under running water. It is okay to rotate the jewelry during rinsing, as to remove any soap that may have entered the piercing during the cleaning process. In addition to using mild soap, you may wish to clean your piercing or remove any dried “crusties” several times a day as needed. We recommend a product called H2Ocean, a sterile sea-salt spray. This can be sprayed directly on the piercing to assist healing, or used on a cotton-tipped swab to remove any “crusties” from the piercing or jewelry. H2Ocean is also available in-house or through www.exoticbody.com

What Else Can I Do?
Many pierces have found that Vitamin C (300 mg mineral absorbate form), multivitamins, and Zinc supplements (woman: 60mg men: 120mg for about two weeks) speed the healing and regeneration of tissue. Hot soaks and compresses, with the optional addition of 1/4 teaspoon sea salt per cup of clean water are strongly suggested navel piercings. To soak, invert a cup of water over the navel, forming a vacuum, or soak in well cleaned bathtub. Make a compress with paper towels to insure cleanliness. You can do this once or twice daily, for about 10-15 minutes.

When Can I Remove or Change the Jewelry?
Your piercing will not be completely healed for several years. Even after the piercing has healed, reinsertion can be difficult and sometimes impossible. Jewelry should not be changed during the initial healing period, usually about 6-10 months. Be sure to always wear appropriate jewelry in your piercings, even when fully healed. Jewelry designed for earlobes is never appropriate, and can damage your piercing. If you must remove the jewelry temporarily, call your piercer. S/He will be happy to assist you It’s no problem to permanently remove the jewelry. In most cases only a small indentation will remain. We encourage you to call your piercer.

Do I Have An Infection?
Infections are caused by contact with bacteria, fungi or other living pathogens. Piercing infections can usually be traced to one of the following activities: Touching the piercing with unclean hands, or letting someone else touch the piercing. Oral contact with the piercing, including your own saliva. Allowing bodily fluids to contact the piercing (your urine is sterile to your own body). Contact with hair, cosmetics, oils, infrequently washed clothing, bedding or other agents. Going into a pool, hot tub, lake, ocean or other body of water (your own bath tub is ok!)

How Can I Tell if I have an Infection?
While these symptoms may also indicate other problems, look for the following indications of infection: Redness and swelling. A sensation of heat at the piercing site. Pain, especially throbbing or spreading. unusual discharge, it may be yellowish, greenish or grayish.

I Think I Have an Infection, What Should I Do?
While it’s never inappropriate to see your piercing-friendly physician, a call to your piercer may save you a trip. If possible, visit your piercer and show him or her the piercing. Also tell him or her about any circumstances which may have led to the infection. Please don’t remove the jewelry! This may aggravate the problem by closing off the drainage for the matter. The effectiveness of an oral antibiotic depends on selecting the right one for the job. This should only be done by a physician!

Common Problems You Can Avoid
Over cleaning, vigorous cleaning, or using a cleaner that is too strong can produce symptoms that are similar to an infection. The skin may be very tender and appear shiny, and there may be a clear discharge. Friction caused by tight or heavy cleaning, rough sexual activity, or excessive movement of the area can cause dark redness, keloids, discharge and rejection/migration. This is a common problem for navel piercings. Stress, poor diet, or illness can cause longer healing times, or migration of the piercing. Reactions to the metals used in The Exotic Body’s piercing jewelry are extremely rare. Often a cleanser reaction or other problem is mistaken for a metal allergy. The area may feel hot a sore like a low grade infection, or the body may attempt to pull away from the metal, resulting in a large growing cavity. Occasionally, the selected jewelry may not be appropriate. This may or may not be due to the circumstance that occurred after the piercing. If the jewelry is too thin or too heavy, too large or too small in diameter or not the appropriate style you may experience healing problems. Contact your piercer if you suspect that you may need different jewelry.

Estimated Healing Time: 6 months to 2 full years.

Everyone heals at a different rate. These are the average times for which you should clean your piercing twice daily and treat it like new, healing tissue. Remember that even after the initial healing period, your piercing will still need one full year or longer to completely heal (toughen up). Always treat the piercing with care and gentleness. Earlobe, Eyebrow, Septum: 6-8 weeks.
Ear Cartilage, Nostril: 2 months-1 year.

*NOTE: all aftercare suggestions are intended for piercings received at The Exotic Body by a skilled professional using appropriate-sized implant grade jewelry materials

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